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The Art of Shoes is a footwear design competition that aims to inspire budding designers. It also aims to elevate public awareness and interest in the fashion and design industry. Highlighting the intricacies of shoe designing, the competition allows the participants to see the production of their creations after a four-day “WSQ Sketch Footwear Design” workshop by

2118: Love, Joy, Peace

Over the course of the programme, contestants took their designs from paper sketches to digital designs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. For this year‘s competition, they designed a pair of ladies’ ballerina flats, and mid-heel court shoes according to the theme “2118: Love, Joy, Peace”. From these participants, nine finalists were shortlisted, and their collections are presented here.

If any design receives 10 orders, the design will go into production and will be sent directly to you!

Browse their creations here and support their journey into the fashion industry.


How do I pre-order a pair of shoes?

Click on any of the shoes found on this page and select your preferred size to pre-order!

Will I be able to get my shoes immediately?

No. The shoes are on a pre-order basis and will require a minimum of 12 pairs of order to start manufacturing.

What if the shoes I've pre-ordered does not hit a minimum of 12 pairs?

If the shoes you have pre-ordered does not qualify to manufacture by the dateline, your money will be refunded to you (excluding administrative charges).

When will the dateline be to pre-order?

The cut-off date to pre-order will be on 15th September 2019, 23:59 PM (SGT), so do support your favourite designer!

Join The Art of Shoes 2020!

The Art of Shoes Design Competition will return for its fourth run in 2020.
If you are keen on learning digital illustration, unleashing your creativity, and winning a Footwear Diploma scholarship, register your interest for AOS 2020 today!