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Co-Existing Collection by Isha Ebrahim

Co-Existing Collection by Isha Ebrahim

Isha is a design-oriented person, and has always surrounded herself in a world of design and communications. She is currently pursuing her passion in the footwear industry. She has a background of interior design, marketing and customer relationships.

As the theme of the competition was Futuristic Love, Peace and Joy, she dove into the typical direction of hearts and flowers. However, as she developed her designs, she realised that the most futuristic aspect of the theme was the very real possibility of women and men co-existing in the world we live in today. Her line celebrates strong, independent women and building equality all around. By combining the sharp shapes with the feminine touch of flowers and love, and colours that represent peace and joy, Isha brings about the future that allows women to co-exist with men.

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